Monday, November 29, 2004

Singing Turkeys!

My friend CCL came down for thanksgiving and we just finished a 4-hour recording session. Here're the results:

Arise My Soul Arise: The Indelible Grace version!

I Sure Have Made a Mess Of Things: A song I wrote as something I thought Johnny Cash might sing. He probably wouldn't, but it's nice to tap into other people that way when you write stuff.

Girl Of The North Country: I heard Garrison Keillor sing this with this melody once on A Prairie Home Companion. Thought I'd give it a shot. The yodelling at the end is all me though, for better or worse.

Many props to CCL for the tech-savviness, and the guitar skillz on Girl Of The North Country.

Monday, November 22, 2004


Don't get me wrong, I like our current Prime Minister, and as I've said before, I don't like the Yee-Haw-Screw-You-Rest-Of-The-World attitude with which the US went into Iraq, but this collection of Badawi quotes from The Star had me a little confused:

"No one wants a government that is oppressive. People will always fight oppression and people who fight oppression cannot be called terrorists."

"No oppressive government must be allowed to survive."

And then a little later:

"When Sept 11 occurred, we in Malaysia were very sympathetic with the United States and even willing to support efforts to counter terrorism. But the United States took a swing and took the pursuit of terrorism into invading Iraq. We disagree with that."

Okay... I think we can file Saddam's government under 'oppressive'. Selectively-oppressive, perhaps (as I understand it, they only gas-bombed defenseless civilians who didn't agree with Saddam's totalarian regime, and tortured olympic athletes who didn't perform... everyone else got a pretty good break, I suppose), but since when was that better than all-out oppressive?

And thanks to the US, his oppressive government didn't survive. I say, give em props for that at least. Quietly, though. We don't need Bush's head to get any bigger. His white hat might explode.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Long Way From Home
Jesse Harris and the Ferdinandos

in the mirror, stop and stare
but it's a stranger's face in there
rake my hair back with a plastic comb
where'd i go, i'm
feeling like i'm a long way from home

you were sweet to care for me
and gently stroke my hair for me
put me on a matress made of foam
and whisper low but i'm
feeling like i'm a long way from home

i don't know where i'm goin'
i don't know what i'm doin'

sleep again won't come to me
i walk outside, the galaxies
and stars surround the whole world like dome
i'm still alone and i'm
feeling like i'm a long long way from home