Thursday, August 19, 2004

Things Have Changed

Well I saw Bob Dylan play on Wednesday night in Kodak, TN, at the Smokies baseball stadium, so I guess I can quit posting Bob lyrics now. I say I went to see him play, and that's exactly what I mean. I didn't see him put on a show, and I didn't see him perform for us. What I did see him do was get four or five other guys onto a stage with him in a baseball stadium that kinda just happened to have a few thousand other people hangin' around. Then he might have said, "Ok boys, let's play something", or "Hit it!", or "Where'd I leave my goddamn joint...", or something, and then he and those four or five other guys started making the biggest noise I'd ever heard in this state. He didn't sing the tunes like I'd ever heard them before. Hell, he didn't sing so much as recite them. He leaned as far away from the beat as he could. Sometimes it sounded like the band knew the songs better than he did. But it was good, hard-rockin' stuff, and Bob belted out the words like he meant them. Bob's a funny man. Bob's a living man. What more can you ask for from Bob, except to live, and to play, right before your very eyes.

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