Thursday, September 09, 2004

Men At Work

(Concerning Ultima Online's new Orientally-themed expansion)
vochraye: I have heard tell that the Samuri Empire is going to be really well done though with new art and stuff
vochraye: new plants and new creatures and new human types
vochraye: oh and new weapons of course
vochraye: Oh and get this
vochraye: Ninjas
vochraye: WHA?!?!
ngbernard_98: hahaha
ngbernard_98: well sure
ngbernard_98: i mean you cant have samurais without ninjas
ngbernard_98: they like, hang out and stuff y'know
vochraye: Riiiiiiiight
ngbernard_98: yeah man
vochraye: Oh!
vochraye: And while we're at it
vochraye: Throw in some robots.
ngbernard_98: yeah man
ngbernard_98: giant robots and samurais and ninjas
ngbernard_98: dont you watch pwoer rangers
ngbernard_98: dude they hangout together all the time
vochraye: Oh yeah!
vochraye: And the ultimate
vochraye: The Ninja Samuri Robot.
ngbernard_98: errr... .no DUDE.... ninjas cant be samurais
ngbernard_98: DUH
vochraye: Well this one is a pro wrestler
ngbernard_98: it's like spiderman wearing a cape calling himself batman
vochraye: Well that is of course my point
vochraye: Ninjas are Chinese and Samuri are Japanese. Why are they in the same expansion
vochraye: Might as well put some Vikings in there too
ngbernard_98: wait... where the vikings come from
vochraye: Iceland I think
vochraye: no
vochraye: greenland
ngbernard_98: woah.... no wonder that countries so frikkin huge
ngbernard_98: the vikings went out and conquered shit
vochraye: Oh yeah
vochraye: Hey!
vochraye: That WOULD be a good expansion
ngbernard_98: vikings goiung out and conquering shit? yeah thats what you call expanding alright
vochraye: Well
vochraye: Yeah!

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