Wednesday, November 30, 2005

More Ps2

Hulk: Ultimate Destruction
Rating: 4 out of 5 Wrecked HulkBusters
Hulk Smash! This Hulk's game! Hulk's!!! Hulk smash, and smash... and SMASH! What more you want Hulk Do?! Hulk no solve stupid puzzles, unless puzzles need Hulk to SMASH! Hulk no turn into stupid Banner! Only in cutscenes! In gameplay, just Hulk, and Hulk SMASH! Hulk get to buy new moves, but not with money Hulk find in stupid chests! NO!! Hulk SMASH, and get money! HAHAHA! Hulk's game rocks!

Ultimate Spider-Man
Rating: 3 out of 5 Wrecked HulkBusters
Hulk no done talking! Hulk's game, Hulk smash! Spider-Man's game, Spider-Man no smash! Spider-Man lame! Spider-Man talky too much and swingy too much! Swingy sorta fun, but SMASH more fun! Hulk's game has mini-games, where Hulks gets to run, and jump and SMASH! Spider-Man's game, you get stupid swingy-races! You also get stupid combat tours! Spider-Man no smash, Spider-Man just punch-punch-punch and get shot all the time! Stupid!!! Hulk play Hulk's game! Idiots play Spider-Man's game!

Shadow Of The Colossus
Rating: 4 out of 5 Beautifully Rendered Landscapes
This game is pretty unique compared to the others in my collection. It's basically 16 boss fights interjected with uneventful journeys to the locations of said boss fights. That makes it sound pretty blah, but it isn't. The fights (with 16 colossi, hence the title) are some of the most cinematic encounters I've seen in a videogame. For no-nonsense omg-that-guy-is-fikkin-huge gameplay, I'd say this game takes the cake. Aside from the boss fights, there isn't much else, which may turn some folks off. Worked for me, though.

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