Monday, October 23, 2006

Running With Caesars!

Ok, first things first. I got into a wreck and the car was totalled. Poor Jo. I barely got to know her. Lydia will miss her old car too. I got a police report and a very unlikely story to go with it, but I'll hold off posting the report and telling the story because I want to hear more about it in court this Friday, and see if I can't get all the "facts" straight(er). I've been subpoenaed to appear at the court hearing for the guy driving the other car. Yeah.

Second unlikely story: My aunt saw a strange flying object in New Zealand while she was driving and decided it was a spiritual calling. She's converting to Catholicism. Yeah.

Ok, as promised, here are screenshots from Caesar IV, and the city I built in Lugdunum!

View of the middle(Equite)-and-lower(Plebian)-class housing area.

View of the upper(Patrician)-class housing area.

The riverside, with a trader's boat coming to give me mo' cheese.

Some waterfall they put on the map. Does not affect gameplay. Makes a nice screenshot though!

Wide view of the city from the front gate. Yes, aqueducts go through the city walls. Rhawk.

A calvary fort situated a ways from the general population. Those aren't ponies.

One of the industrial areas.

The city square. I'd place a shopping mall there if I could! Or a video arcade.

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