Wednesday, January 03, 2007

North And South Of The River

I want to reach out over the Loch
And feel your hand across the water
Walk with you along an unapproved road
Not looking over my shoulder

I wanna see, and I wanna hear
To understand your fears
But we're North and South of the river

I've been doing it wrong all of my life
This holy town has turned me over
A young man running from what he didn't understand
While the wind from the Loch just get colder, colder

There was a badness that had its way
But love wasn't lost, love will have its day
North and South of the river

Can we stop playing these old tattoos
Darling I don't have the answer
I wanna meet you where you are
I don't need you to surrender

'Cause there's no feeling that's so alone
As when the one you're hurting is your own
North and South of the river

Some high ground is not worth taking
Some connections are not worth making
There's an old church bell, it's no longer ringing
Some old songs are not worth bringing
North and South of the river


Jolene Lim said...

Hey Bernard
Happy New Year to You!
Wah, looks like you have been blogging for ages and still a diehard fan of U2!

daud said...

U2 ranks as one of my favorite karaoke songs :D