Sunday, December 28, 2008

Some Random Things I Will Miss About Knoxville

1) Hong Kong House: It's currently owned by a Sxechaun chef. I think it's currently the best it's ever been.
2) Doug Banister: My old pastor from Fellowship Church, now leading a smaller, cozier congregation at All Souls.
3) The Kroger at 4918 Kingston Pike: I think everyone there recognizes me.
4) Wondering how many weeks before the current new restaurant at 6400 Kingston Pike closes, and wondering what is it about that building that spells doom for every business that moves in there.
5) The fake bears they used to have all around town: My favorite was the bumblebee bear.
6) The Christmas tree lights on every commercial tall building: An annual tradition!
7) Brie the wonder dog: Brent and Marci's oldest kid!
8) The Korean grocery store on Sutherland Avenue: I think everyone there recognizes me.
9) Dippin Donuts: I just love the old-fashioned counter seating they have.
10) My friends: They are not really a "random" thing I would miss, more like a given thing I would miss. But I can't think of a random 10th thing!

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