Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I'm not a guy who thinks government ought to legislate my beliefs or enforce them for people who don't share them. I'm not opposed to the US allowing gays to marry, even though I strongly believe that's not the picture of marriage God gives us in the bible.

Even if we really are better if everyone's straight, there is too little consensus on that point, and a government that aims to represent all its citizens needs to lean towards inclusiveness when it treads on points such as these. And, yes, it may be a challenge to explain to your kids why two guys are walking down the street holding hands and smooching each other, but it was a lot worse in ancient Rome, and Christianity as a religion started off in those conditions. If I'm that desperate for government to force people to act exactly the way I want them to so I don't have to do the job of being a parent, then there's something wrong with my faith.

That said, Perez Hilton is an enormous douche.

I believe he already had his cocktail, or two, or three, prior to recording that. After that tirade, he has the pluck to go on Larry King Live and offer to have coffee with Carrie Prejean so they can talk. Check out the vid on Perez's own blog.

It occurs to me that this is kind of unapologetically idiotic behavior may be his schtick (the blog proudly proclaims itself to be "Hollywood's Most-Hated Web Site!"), but for a guy like this be a judge on Miss USA, and then to proclaim (as he does on Larry King Live) that Miss USA needs to be "unifying", after calling Prejean a "dumb b*tch" for not answering a question in a unifying manner, is hilariously disingenuous.

Usually, when overbearing, self-righteous, loudmouthed Christian leaders go out of their way to tell everybody else how wrong they are and how right we are, I lament how much Christianity is getting set back as a relevant cultural force in this country. I guess it shouldn't surprise me, though, to know there's plenty of those kinds of people to go around.

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