Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Late Late LATE Wedding Dinner Photos

Well... what can I say in my defense. I've been hitting that tournament mode in Street Fighter IV pretty hard! I'm still a scrubby G2-level competitor though, so unfortunately I have little to show for it.

That said, here are some pics from all the way back in late June. Mom and Dad organized a Chinese wedding dinner for us. Friends, family, lots of people came. Unfortunately for me, I was gone too long to be in touch with many of my old school mates, but I was more than blessed to see some folks from SIB and Metropolitan college. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of the SIB folks (Rodney, Paige, Kevin, and Adele) who came. The photos are somewhere out there, but for now they are sorely missed!

Many thanks to Jason Koay, who brought along this ridiculously huge camera to take these pictures. I saw a lot of people carrying things like those around while in Malaysia, though. Apparently it's a fad >_<

Our dinner was held at the Oversea Restaurant at Subang Parade. This is the stage they set up for the occasion. Rarely has my name been writ in such large, purple letters.

This is another view, this time closer to the champagne bottles and the glass tower... thing.

And a closeup of the top of the fake wedding cake! Mmmmmm, fake wedding cake.

Dad was briefing us on what to do when it was time for our entrance. He's explaining the traditional Chinese high-five I had to give everyone on the way to the bride and groom's table.

...... not really.

Here is me and my Kyeonghi, all dressed up and ready to greet our wedding guests! About half of the guests just walked past us, which is fine, because I probably should have been dressed in a tux or something more groom-like. It did save me a lot of awkward conversations with people I don't know.

Here's the photographer, Jason Koay...

... and here's the rest of the Metropolitan College gang. I was surpised how little they had changed, though I guess J.C. (far right) did look very different with short hair.

This is us walking in after our introduction. At least one table appeared to be completely clueless and remained seated. That's what I get for not wearing a tux.

Fake cake, mmmmmmmm...............

I think this us and my parents just before the wedding toast, and I have *no* clue why we have those expressions on our faces. I'll blame Mr. Koay for this shot. Actually, I blame him for a lot of things.

Here we are, being led in a toast by my cousin, Paul Ng (far right, in the green plaid shirt). I must say the Ng family is pretty good at drinking AND roaring.

Paul, me, and my sis, sharing a family moment.

And finally, here's a shot of me doing the rounds of toasting at each table. Kyeonghi must've been worn out at this point because she's not in the picture. Mom was there to pick up the slack, though, good 'ol mom!

It was a really good time, overall. A little bit of culture shock for Kyeonghi, maybe. I'm not sure... I've never been to a Korean wedding. Maybe they're as raucous as we are. I can say from experience they don't have any problems holding they're liquor either! I guess I'll just have to wait and see :)


Lydia said...

great photos. Wish we could have been there to join in the roaring!

greyhoundbus said...

You might've been shellshocked! Imagine my mom at the Cedar Springs reception x 200.

Hedonese said...

Heartiest congratulations bro! You both look beautiful :D

The LawMan said...

Great photo selection & sense of humour dude! Showed my father your blog just now. Once again, congrats!