Tuesday, December 01, 2009

First Snow Of Winter


Yup, there it is!  It’s a little late (I took this picture in the afternoon, after much of the early morning shtuff had melted away), but this is the first day we’ve had it this winter.  According to NPR, it picked a pretty good day to arrive… the 1st of December is the official first day of winter.


I’m blogging using Windows Live Writer now, which is a rich client sitting on my desktop that I hooked up to this Blogger account, so now it feels easier to just throw up a post whenever I feel like it.  The program has taken some getting used to… I realized too late a couple days ago that when I tell Windows Live Writer to delete a post, it’s deleting it from my blog as well, not just from my pc.  I lost a whole hour’s of work that way!  Anyway, that post was mostly just me testing out Windows Live Writer and talking about some first impressions of Windows 7. 


Right now, I just realized Windows 7, by default, doesn’t tell me directly when I get IMs over Pidgin.  It just plays a notification sound and I have to figure out myself which program threw that out there.  I much preferred it when the chat window interrupted me.  Then again… I suppose most people would prefer NOT to be interrupted until they are ready.  It just goes to show, you can’t please em all!


Phil Breedlove said...

It snowed here in Knoxville today...it was actually quite nice for about half a day. I'd say we had a couple of inches of white stuff on the ground, but then it warmed up and there are only traces remaining now. All in all, though, it was a pretty significant snowfall for Knoxville this early in the season.


kyk48 said...

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