Monday, October 27, 2003

The hardest thing to do is to start.

That's true for many things. Writing a story, for one. Unless you already know the story, or you've been given guidelines for where the story's gonna go, it's hard to make something up from scratch.

Or writing a poem. You want to write a song to express a feeling or a moment... you'll need a line or two in your head first, or you'll sit around for hours wondering how the heck that big hole in your heart can be expressed in mere words.

It's true for many things, but not all things. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is continue, and sometimes it is to end.

Blogging on the other hand, appears for the moment to be quite simple. Because I'm not sure anyone's ever going to see this, or understand why this is here, or have the balls to criticize it, I can pretty much write whatever I want (I do have one eternal witness, besides myself, but I won't go deep into that just yet).

This is the apparent sum of a man's thoughts: a mix of truths, half-truths, and plain old lies. Still, every man believes his way is right (except those who believe they sit on a fence, and even those you can argue about). Some of all those truths, half-truths, and plain old lies are what I'm going to put here. And all or none of the world may see it.


"... but God weighs the heart."

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