Thursday, October 30, 2003

I defended my thesis yesterday and the whole thing went swimmingly. Everyone on the committee said I did a bang-up job. I would've been happy if they just said I did *a* job, and then let me pass. But they really liked the presentation and everything, so that's just icing on my kuih.

During the presentation, Brad and Faysal sat in to watch, and Brad was nice enough to take notes for me to help me remember all the comments and suggestions the committee made. Faysal chipped in on the notes at one point, adding "He is drunk".

That's all I've got to say about the defense.

Tomorrow is the day Mahathir steps down

Ten Things I'd Like To Hear Mahathir Say Before He Retires, But Probably Won't:

10. "You remember that Setia song they kept playing on TV at one time?... It really sucked."
9. "I *do* wish I had appeared on Celebrity Deathmatch, versus Johnny Knoxville."
7. "I've been wearing contacts for years now... the glasses for show only."
6. "No, I don't really know what was the point of dropping cars on the North Pole."
5. "...Boleh-land..."
4. "I'm bored, I'm bored, let's go, I'm bored."
3. "I look forward to many hours of CS and WC3 at SS15 during my free time. DRM 0wnZ j00!"
2. "Honestly, all I ever wanted to do was give Anwar a big, happy noogie. He was such a funny guy."
1. "Actually, I was just kidding about retiring."

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