Wednesday, March 17, 2004

One good thing about having a job in Knoxville is that I can now make commitments to stuff at Fellowship or at YAMs and at least be able to say I'll be around to do those things for a few months. Last night I had my first practice session with Amanda Hopkins' worship team as a *member* member and not just a fake member of the team. They did something different too last night, before practice started: a pot luck dinner! Those are always fun, and I hadn't done one in a while.

Unfortunately I didn't have time to cook, so I bought KFC chicken strips. Tyler got pizza. Ken did a shrimp boil. Deb made basmati rice (I *have to get me a box of those!). Amanda made this sugary... fruit... thing. It was good. We stuffed ourselves silly and talked about how if you put together the name of a cool pet you had, and the name of the street you first lived on, that'd be your name if you were a soap opera character. Well I had to fudge the street name because if I'd used the name of a street in Malaysia they'd just go "huh?", so I used the name of the street I lived on when I first came to Knoxville. And it turns out I'm Ranger White, IT consultant.

But even if we lived in a soap opera world with soap opera names, there would still be no camels in India.

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