Monday, April 05, 2004

Work, Work

This week I've started documenting the work I've done so far so that the next guy who takes over my project (tentatively some poor fresh grad or college student looking for summer work) will be able to figure out where to go from where I left off. Writing about what you've done has always been a more tedious process than actually doing it, at least for me. It's not more *difficult*... it's just more blah. I spent half the afternoon today making a chart in Powerpoint that shows how the major components in the application relate to one another. Then I spent the other half figuring out how to fit the darn thing in Word. I got it in there, but there was quite some shoving involved.


I didn't talk much to anybody today. I talked to Gretchen a bit. She's putting a show together for peeps to show their art, be it their writings, their music, their paintings... whatever. It's for a book or something, too.... I'm a bit fuzzy about the details. Anyway she started by asking me if I wrote or drew or made any music. I said "errr yeah all those things". Then I tried to show her the piece I did for snk-capcom, but I couldn't find it, so I wound up showing her the Flash thingy I did for the photos section of my Tripod website (hmmm okay out of context that last sentence was probably a little wrong). She got a laugh out of that. Then I played the tracks I did with CCL when I was in Chicago. She thought I sounded like a guy from Smashing Pumpkins. I was like "Huh??? Ok". Maybe I'll tell her about this blog tomorrow. If I do, Well Hi, Gretchen!


Aside from that, I didn't talk to anyone else. I think I heard Ray speaking in the conference room for a bit, but I didn't see him after that. I used to sit in the conference room all day, but then I got moved out to a brand new cubicle they set up last week. This is my in-between spot... when I start the test automation job they'll probably move me again, this time to what they call the war room. It's called the war room because, well it looks like one. It's a big square room with a big board on one wall onto which they can project their big battle plans as they discuss them, and there's a big coffee pot that keeps the big troops awake during the big briefings. Fun. Fun.

Off I go, then!

I tried not to get too comfortable in my little cubicle, since I know I may not be in it long, but I can already tell I'll miss it some when they move me. I haven't filled the shelves or anything, but I just love how snugly I fit in there with my laptop in front of me and a tablet PC just off to the right. The tablet PC I borrowed from Ray. I used it to test an installer for my application... I just wanted to know if I could get it to work on another box (it did, by the way). The tablet PC is just the coolest thing. It comes with a 'pen', and a program called Journal, and you can write on it like it was a piece of paper. The cool part is that Journal can convert my handwriting to text, and considering how bad my handwriting is, it does a darn good job of it. There've been times over the past two weeks when I'd scribble on it when I was bored. I want one bad, but I can't really think of a good reason to get one right now. I mean, a notepad costs like 5 bucks. I did use it today, though, to take notes while I was looking through my code. Did I need to? No. Did I feel cool in a geeky way? Hell, Yes!

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