Wednesday, May 26, 2004

My Wife For Hire!

I've started playing Starcraft again! Yes, yes, observe the slow downwardly spiralling course my life is taking. Last year it was Warcraft III... ok, fairly hot, happening game there, and I'm still kinda cool. Then it was No One Lives Forever 2... Alright, maybe nobody plays that anymore, but it's a good game, and good games never die. Then it was MU... hmm free Korean Diablo clone, complete with shatting system, what more should I say. And now...


I'm not alone in it either. There's three other people at NL who are playing it, which is the reason I'm playing it. Aah, it's back to the good old days, when a 5x5 pixel cloaked unit was all you needed to strike fear into the hearts of your opponents, who'd forgotten to build missile turrets around their supply line. When rounding up your SCVs right at the start of the match and attacking the other fella was a viable strategy on Blood Bath. When the sight of twelve lumbering Carriers drew shocked exclamations of "How'd he get all that?!", "Oh sh*t gg", and "OMFG that's so lame".

This is the game many consider to be the pinnacle of the RTS genre. This is the game that gave us the perennial online rallying cry, "gogogo". This is the game that taught millions of unsuspecting Americans that Korean gamers are actually aliens from another planet with sixteen fingers an each hand, and two brains.

Starcraft... hmm, I'm wasting precious gaming time here.

En Taro Adun! My Life For Aiur!

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