Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Well Brent and Marci are finally married and enjoying their honeymoon at St John, the Virgin Islands. I've got the apartment to myself which means I don't shut the door when I'm in the shower and I take a little longer to put my clothes on right after. Sometimes a lot longer. Hey, if you don't need to, why bother? Weather's been warm for the most part. It *has* been cold the past two days, though, which has me slightly peeved. It dipped all the way down to 47 degrees last night. It's May for pete's sake!

But I digress... I'm not going to say much about the wedding, yet, and I'm not even going to show the choice pictures, since I haven't got access the to ones the wedding photogrpaher took (and may not for a while), and the good ones I do have I'm going to put up on their wedding site, when I've put them all together. Don't go there now. They're not there yet. Well, unless you're just curious. In which case go on right ahead.

In the meanwhile, here are some photos I took the day before, during the wedding rehearsal:

The wedding took place at the Museum of Appalachia, so naturally the rehearsal was held there too. The museum is more like a ranch, with a lot of great animals running around freely. The specimen above and right, as far as I could tell was a chicken. A freaky hairy chicken. It was a pretty congenial chicken though, so that altered meat tv ad doesn't apply here. The two birds on the left were female peacocks. You had to be careful when you pulled into the parking lot, because those birds acted like they owned the road.

A panorama of the back of the museum.

This is Kateland, Brent's niece. She's really into knock-knock jokes, but she didn't get the one I told her that day:

Who's there?
Control freak. Okaynowyousay"Controlfreakwho?".

A male peacock. This guy was shifty. I first saw him on the ground and when I tried to walk up to him for a close-up shot, he kept backing off. I gave up after a while and turned around to look for something more interesting to shoot, and when I turned back to him, he'd somehow gotten onto that tree stump, and was pulling that majestic pose. *Then* he let me get close for a picture. Go figure.

Duck! Duck!

The Man Himself. The look says it all.

And now, last, but not least, a classic case study of the difference between man and woman.

The Bridesmaids On Rehearsal Day:

"Ooh ooh we should do this" "No that" "We'd look great like this" "Oh yes yes"

The Groomsmen On Rehearsal Day:


That's all for now!