Monday, October 11, 2004

Other Malaysian Blogs

A couple of things I may be reading from now on....

1.Screenshots, a blog by some guy named Jeff Ooi, who has the balls to use the slogan 'Thinking Allowed, Thinking Aloud'. *Ouch*. But hey, stuff like that passes for witty in Malaysia, so he's aloud to. Hyuk! He recently got in A WHOLE LOT OF TROUBLE for some 'anti-islamic comments' that were left on his blog *by another reader*... and it turns out those comments weren't really anti-islamic... they were just taken out of context by giant Malaysian newspaper entities.

Gotta love it.

2.CY Leow's Photoblog... well I won't *really* look at this too often, because I'm not exactly into that sort of thing, but the September 21, 2004 entry is notable for two things:

a)a link to a story about the time a B-25 bomber crashed into the 78th floor of the Empire State Building, and

b)a "WTF!!!???" family picture at the very end of the entry. :p. I love my countrymen.

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Cherie said...

Actually, I'm completely cool with the family photo at the end. The hyper-sensitivity about 9/11 has become old and as contrived as the claim that debating the future of the country is un-American. The fact is that the world surrounds us with grief and suffering every day, but because of the magnitude of the loss - and the fact that this loss is AMERICAN - we seem to expect everyone to tiptoe around our national grief forever. I'm glad to see someone have the guts to post a normal tourist photo with the WTTs. While the experience certainly has marked us forever both as individuals and as a country, it's unhealthy for us to retreat into reactionary, self-pitying post-traumatism, which deadens our ability to proactively understand and deal with the world around us.