Sunday, October 10, 2004

Top Ten Desert Island Cds

Every blog needs one eh...?

1. U2 - The Joshua Tree:
You need something to make you hope...

2. Sting - Ten Summoner Tales:
... and something to make you laugh...

3. Bob Dylan - Time Out of Mind:
... and make you cry...

4. Moulin Rouge OST:
... and make you do a little bit of all the above.

5. Strictly Ballroom OST:
There's never been a time I listened to this CD and didn't thoroughly enjoy it. Except that one time a monkey was hitting me with a wrench at the same time. That time it kinda sucked.

6. The Crow OST:
Since I'm using the acronym 'OST'...

7. U2 - Pop *OR* Achtung Baby:
It ROCKS. Everyone who disagrees is... a retard! Yeah, a retard!

8. Radiohead - The Bends
One song: Fake Plastic Trees.

9. Paul Simon - Graceland
Hmmm... need to buy this CD. All I got is a cassette... and it's lost amongst the junk in my car.

10. Jesse Harris and the Fernandos - The Secret Sun
It's just what happens to be playing on the stereo right now. But hey, it's really good, in a back-of-your-mind sorta way.

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