Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Revenge Of The Sith: My Two Cents


The Good
1. Artoo Kicks Butt: The first 15 minutes of the movie seemed more like Attack Of The Astromech Droid. I wished he had a little more to do throughout the whole movie, but since the movie is supposed to be tragic, it's just as well he didn't. Why didn't they come up with this stuff for Episodes I and II?
2. Jar-jar Does Nothing: ...Aside from looking really bummed at the end. I don't think they even gave him any lines to say. I kinda wondered why Ahmed Best was in the credits.
3. Ani And Obiwan Settle Their Differences: This battle makes their final duel in A New Hope look like a pillow fight. I just wished I had a joypad.
4. Darth Vader Shows Up: Hey! I know that dude!

The Bad
1. Chewie Does Nothing: Really. The few times I saw him, he was either getting ignored or Yoda was saying bye to him. Is this Star Wars or Intergalactic Celebrity Cameo Night?
2. Ani Turns To The Dark Side: I don't mean bad as in he turns, but bad as in the moment he turns seemed a little off. He goes from asking himself "What have I done???" to telling Darth Sidious "Ok boss, anything you say boss" in like five seconds. The reasons for turning were there, and the setup was adequate, I thought, but the payoff wasn't as satisfying as I'd hoped.
3. General Grievous: Ok he wasn't BAD, just blatantly suited to be mass produced and placed on toy shelves. Aside from that, he's a superficial distraction. He does give Obiwan an excuse to say a really good line: "*SO* uncivilized".

The Ugly
1. Coruscant 90210: Ani: "You look so beautiful" Padme: "That's because I'm in love!" Ani: "No it's cause I'm in love!" Me: "I'm so embarrased to be sitting here."
2. Darth Vader's final "NOOOOOOoooooOOOOOOooooooo": Ok it's more Funny than Ugly. But there'a no 'The Funny' category... so there.
3. Star Wars Gets Political: I mean that in two ways. First, anytime Yoda says the words "Trade federation", "Republic", or "Separatist", some of the mystique of the character vanishes. It just does. Putting these kinds of words in his mouth was detrimental to the character in the first two prequels and that trend continues here. Secondly, a lot of folks on the net think George was making a political statement about a certain war in a galaxy not so far away. Not too sure if that's true, but if it is, Star Wars is a poor podium to speak from... after all, what does "escapist" mean?

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