Monday, June 06, 2005


I haven't had much time lately to think up stuff to write here, but I guess I oughta say something since I just found a little breathing room and I don't feel like collapsing in bed. Firstly, I've been working on putting stuff up at a little web domain I bought a couple of months back. I'm currently focused on rebuilding the Blog Of Doom using PHP and mySQL. Why? Because I want to, dangit! I also want to know I can, if that makes any sense. It might be worth mentioning in my resume too, some day :D. The stuff there isn't quite ready yet, so I'll hold off telling people the addy til later. Most of you who read this blog know already anyways :p.

What's going to happen to *this* blog in the meanwhile? Well I'm going to see if there's a way to export everything that's in the archives (hopefully they'll spit out a giant xml file or something for me), but if there isn't, then I guess I'll leave it here for posterity, with a helpful link to my new blog as the final entry.

I'm also going to learn a bit of .NET soon, I think, once I'm done with getting the blog off the ground. I'm helping Jason with his business website and he wants it done with ASP.NET. I might be working with C# somewhere down the line, so there's no harm getting some exposure to the .NET framework. He asures me ASP.NET is easy, and since I got a bunch of queries set up to create databases in mysql already, it should n't take too long to get that website going.

Does anyone out there know what ".NET" actually means?


Anonymous said...

Margret I'm only joking but it appears that initially it was all ".com" which translated to -
"Comunicating On Megabytes" then, all the .coms were taken so they expanded to .Net which translated to - Now Everybodys Talking!

Just had a few idle moments, hope that added to your humorous side.

greyhoundbus said...

Joke or no, that's the closest I've heard to an actual explanation :).