Wednesday, February 08, 2006

And Now We Return To Our Regular Program (Almost)

Well, after about three weeks of putting my life back together, I finally have my own desktop pc in my own apartment. I guess I can get back to blogging regularly now. Big shoutout to Paul Gibson for building this rig for me. It, apparently, is a beast. He was very impressed with how fast it ran.... World of Warcraft. We cranked every single thing we could find in the display options to the max, and it still held at a fairly steady 55-60 FPS. Granted, WoW's not the uber app I was hoping to run on it tonight, but it at least indicated to me that this pc could run *something* really really well. After we were done with WoW, we ran Half Life. Not Half Life 2. Half Life. The first one. From 1998. I could hear the rig mocking us. Paul quothed it thus: "You do not serve s**t on a silver platter".

I'm going to have to give this thing a name. My car's name is Jo (many thanks to Kevin and Lydia for helping me figure that out), and, yes, it's a she. Mostly because it was a she when it belong to Lydia. Being good evangelicals, we do not approve of sex changes. The pc will definitely have to be a guy. Can't have too many women in my life.

I went to my first superbowl party in a while last Sunday. It was at the Slays' house with a bunch of international folks. Godswill was there, he was the only guy rooting for Seattle. For some reason everyone else was behind Pittsburg. I was just there for the ads.

I might pay a visit to YAMs on Thursday night, if only to say hi to Michael Wender and Mark Tichon. One of the last things I did before I left a year ago was play guitar for Mark's wedding... it'd be nice to catch up with him again. However, that means I can't be at Brent's house for small group. Hrrrm... I'll have to call Brent if I do that. Many thanks to him and Marci, btw, for letting me stay with them when I first got back here. I might've wound up on the street if not for them.

I totally forgot to go to David Kendall's taco dinner tonight. I can be such a doofus.

Oh yeah if anyone reading this blog didn't know... I'm back in Knoxville.

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