Monday, February 13, 2006

This Is Not The Best Time To Be Philisophical

Ok, so I bought Half-Life 2 about five days ago, and I just finished it last night, after five marathon gaming nights (and almost one whole day on Saturday). That is not something I need to be doing often. I think I also got a clear indicator that I'm starting to get old. I didn't have as much fun as I did with Half-Life 1. Go figure. It was *very* nice looking though. My PC rhawks.

Right now I'm thinking more about getting some sort of audio recording setup going on the PC. I shopped around online a bit for audio interfaces, and looked at the Tascam US-122 and hemmed and hawed over it a little. It's two hundred bucks. And that's low-end. It does come with Cubase LE, an entry-level recording software thingy. Also, it looks pretty versatile, and it's powered through USB. That means you can use it with a laptop fairly easily, which makes it ideal for roadtrips. I'm of course talking about this mythical roadtrip I have planned in my head that will take me West to places I haven't been to before, and that I probably don't need to go to. Why I would want to record any audio on said trip is beyond me, but it'd be nice to know I could if I wanted to.

Hem, haw.

Aside from thinking about how to set up a budget studio, I've also got a few books I just need to finish reading, so that I quit feeling bad about not finishing them. One is R.C. Sproul's "What Is Reformed Theology?" and another is C.S. Lewis's "Perelandra". Cherie also lended me a couple of books about the origins of the universe from a Christian perspective, "The Genesis Question" and "The Symphony Of Creation". Oh yeah, I also borrowed a book from Doug and Mary Terry about being Christian to Muslims, "Waging Peace On Islam". There's a Starbucks nearby that probably makes a good place to go sit down and read, so I got no excuse. I just need to decide to stop... sitting... in front... of my computer!

So... when am I going to finish writing about suffering? God knows. I'm certainly not close to the heart of suffering right now. Life's great. Well, some things going on at work are a little distressing, but it's not that bad. So, yeah, life's great. What can I say about suffering that's not going to be almost completely speculative? Well, right now I'm just going to keep it scoped to this: What I think about suffering, what the bible says, and what places I could do well to meditate on.

And YES, it'll be completely speculative. It's the best I can do now. Especially since I got a Dwarven Priest I need to be levelling in World of Warcraft. Ack!

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Chun Liang said...

yay...the US-122. Thats the one I have. It's pretty decent although you could probably get something from M-audio for a little cheaper. Next you'll need a decent microphone and you're good to go.