Saturday, August 12, 2006

Work Schedules, 8-bit Memories, and Babies!

Well it looks like I'm going to have to work weekends from this point on. My boss was hoping to get me exclusively on Fridays so I can work on other stuff that's pretty important (as far as keeping me here goes), but the people we're contracting with are *insisting* on 40 hours a week. I won't be able to get much done on weekdays for my boss, so I guess there goes my Saturdays. I suppose that's better than working in Singapore, though!

I moved into Cherie's old office last week, the reason being I needed a network connection that I wasn't able to get in my old office. I'm now in charge of testing the product installer for our client, too, in addition to all the legacy stuff. I've been in charge of that for a month and a half, actually, but I only just started working with the installer test box last week. That, plus the stuff I'll be working on on weekends means I'll be pretty busy during the days ahead.

The evenings ahead are a little less busy, though. I do a Tuesday night bible study with Paul Slay and some international folks, which is a lot of fun, and I usually have a bible study with Brent and the guys on Thursdays, though that's pretty hit-and-miss these days. I have not been as diligent in my private study as I need to be, and that's something I need to get back into regularly. I did get all the way to Chronicles, though after a year-and-a-half I suppose it's fair to say I should've finished the whole bible twice over by now. Mercy!

I've been going emulation-crazy the past couple of weeks. I've had Kevin, Brill and Clint over (not all at the same time) to play some old NES, SNES, Genesis, and arcade games, and it's been pretty stupid fun. The best time I had this past week was when me and Kevin tried to get through Double Dragon II for the NES... man that brought it all back. I was 12 again.

I got some very good news from home... Rodney and Paige are now the proud parents of twins! Samuel and Sara are two healthy, adorable babies. Well I'm assuming they're healthy... I know they're adorable. Here's the proof!

This is little Samuel:

And this is Sara:

It could be the other way around, but that's how the pictures were labelled and I'm sticking with that story =).

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