Sunday, July 30, 2006

One More Salvo

Okay I'm getting addicted to this camera, and I promise this is the last time before I actually start writing stuff again. There's a lot to write about, I guess... I really need to get to it.

I finally got to see a play on Market Square yesterday evening. They were playing 'The Taming Of The Shrew'. I actually ran into a few folks from YAMs, and got to talk with David Kendall and Doug for a bit. David Kendall says he checked out my blog a few days back, and he provided a link to here. Here's returning the favor, David! It's a thoughtful blog, with a lot of thoughtful thoughts. Go get thoughted out!

I left the play early because Brent and Marci wanted to hang out and eat. They'd just gotten back in from Nashville to visit Brent's politically-inclined friend, Doug, and his wife, Robin. Doug's not really a politician, he just wants to make policies for them to consider. Good policies. Community-minded policies. Policies that will Save The World. This picture shows Brent and Marci's shining countenances after spending a weekend with him.

The next day, I brought my camera to church, and took this picture of Kevin, Yong Hun, and Tzeng Hao. That was almost too much testorone for one camera to handle...

... so I took this picture next. That Kevin's wife, Lydia, speaking to a Chinese lady whose name I don't know. Yeah, I need to mingle more.

Kevin's leading worship during the class, and I'm taking a picture.

"One of these things is not like the others..."

At lunch, after church, Lydia takes a swig from a little bottle labelled "Drink Me" at the Japanese restaurant we went to, and grows to TWICE Kevin's size. Holy Cow!

One more shot of Brent and Marci at the same restaurant, this time with the camera color set to Sepia mode. It looks like I took a picture of them 50 years ago (Yay).

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