Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Well things are really winding down on my end here. There is less and less stuff happening. I do have those papers to write but for the most part the biggest part of my day involves figuring out what lunch is going to be. I'm not done bombarding people's mailboxes with my resume yet so I'll keep that up for a while. Come January when I no longer officially have anything to do, Marci has offered me a chance to do odd-jobs around her house, which is just great because I get to fix Brent's house before he marries her and moves in. I would love to live in a house I helped fix, wouldn't you? Makes me think I could start a business. If you were about to get married and you knew the place you were going to live, probably the very house you're in right now, but it needed just a little bit of work, some screws tightened here, some hinges loosened there, the small things that seem unimportant by themselves but add up to a house full of little frustrations, but you just don't have time to fix any of those things due to your job or your social life, and you really really need to get that stuff done just so the first few weeks of marital bliss don't get ruined because your bathtub won't drain or thereis a frisbee that's been on the roof for six months and it's been bothering you ever since... no problem! Just call Bernard's Pre-Wedding Oddjob Service. We'll fix any problem you have: clogged kitchen sinks, squeeky door handles, windows painted shut, mismatched floorboards, switches that flip down instead of up to turn on, pieces of ramen in between your kitchen counter and your stove, mildew... you name it, we'll fix it. The best thing is, we charge by the job, not the hour, because our highly dedicated but barely trained staff are apt to standing around your problem area going "hmm..." and "huh..." while they figure out exactly what it is they need to do to fix your problem. And if what they wind up doing only makes things worse, why, we won't charge you a thing! Call us today, and ask about our special prices on leftover cleaning detergent: buy one, get none free!

Bernard's Pre-Wedding Oddjob Service: we're what you need to make yours a happy home.

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