Thursday, December 18, 2003

Well where do I start... Amy's put together an interesting life in Franklin. I got there at about 11 am, and Amy didn't look too happy when she opened the door, which I should've foreseen because she's never up before noon. She said she'd be in bed for half an hour more... I spent the time (which turned out to be about three hours) playing GTA3 and reading various things that were lying around. I put in a small nap too, just in case I would need it. I would.

Later, after she was up and about, we went for lunch and her friend... Marty or Morty, I couldn't figure out which spelling was right... who was also a cop, met up with us. From there we did various things... mostly gift shopping at first. Later they took me on a tour of Franklin, which, they being cops, included the police station, abandoned factories, crackhouses, and the projects. I'm not kidding. Here's the proof:

If that front lawn doesn't say crack, I don't know what does. We also stopped by the entrance to what I think was called Carter house, which is supposed to be an old historic building which is haunted. Marty had a pretty good ghost story to tell from one of his patrols - it involved mysterious tapping at the second-floor windows. It was kinda freaky and I wanted to go up there, but for some reason the gates were locked. I did take a picture of the cemetary, which was next to the front gate, hoping to catch a ghost in action. But I lucked out. At least I think so. Here's the picture... if anyone sees anything in there, let me know:

We wound up at Starbucks at some point, where another friend who was on duty at the time came to meet us (we actually saw her previously at the station, where she introduced herself to me). I think Tamara was her name... again I'm not sure about the spelling. Her nametag said 'T. Something'. So as I sat there with three cops at the table I realized the joke I made beofre about Amy talking in 10-codes wasn't really a joke. It was true. And this time I didn't have a cheat sheet with me. It's a good thing I had coffee, and Rufus came on the radio for a few minutes with 'Hallelujah', so there was some comfort to be had. Later in the parking lot we had a little bit of fun with Tamara's patrol car, which is how I got my next picture of the evening. I tried my best to look mean and dangerous. Of course, I wound up looking constipated.

Afterwards we went to visit at the house of Robbie and Shannon (at least that's how I spell 'Shannon'), which was probably more like a ranch. Now I've never been to a ranch so I don't know, but they had a big field, llamas in a barn, and a really nice house. Only Shannon was home at the time and we spent some time talking and playing with handguns. By now things were so weird for me I stopped trying to assimilate... I just had fun fiddling with guns too and didn't ask questions. After that, things got really random for me.... I was ready to hit the sack at this point, but we wound up at the shopping mall and then at Wal-mart before the night was through. I was fighting to stay conscious, but tried to pay attention in case anybody asked me anything, which they did from time to time. Mostly I remember a lot of it was Shannon and Marty pretending to be a divorced couple.

When we finally got back to Amy's place, I got a shower, we listened to the 'Holy Night' CD I got from Cliff, which is always hilarious, no matter how many times I listen to it, then I went to bed. Amy had set up a neat airbed in the living room for me. The next thing that happened was probably a little odd, I guess. I got up at 3am in the morning, and decided I really really had stuff to take care of, and I went home. I left a note of course, and called later to apologize. Later, I felt bummed that I didn't get to go to Shannon's firing range and shoot automatic rifles, and very bummed when I realized I had no pictures of Amy or her friends. So I am officially the dushbag of the month.

Hey... what else is new?

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