Saturday, May 17, 2008

Some Updates

Well it's kinda hard to summarize a whole year, so maybe I won't even try. All who are near and dear to me (and not so near but still dear to me) know pretty much what are the big changes in my life lately. Of course, I have a been seeing a very charming lady by the name of Kyeonghi for close to a year, now. I'd like excuse the year of inactivy on that, but truth be told, I wasn't really blogging much before that either. What was it, once a month? Yeah I needed to quit for a while.

Now I'm feeling the urge to tell the world what's up with my life once again, though it is mostly for the sake of this blog itself. Shame to let a 4-year old institution just die like that, you know? Especially since Blogger was so nice to keep it around for me.

First things, first, I've randomly decided to try and sell T-shirts! I signed up on one of those make-your-own T-shirt sites that let you sell the designs you make. Right now I've got one design there, and I planted it on a T-shirt and a mousepad (though you get to put it on anything else you like that they have available, I get a commission if the design is used). I hope as time passes by I get round to building a half-way decent portfolio. I don't know if they ship to outside of the USA, so if you're in Malaysia (or anywhere else) you may be out of luck. Or in luck, depending on how awful you think my designs are. Grr.

Enough bellyaching! Here's a link!

Link To My Spread Shirt Store (Soon To Be Impressive, As Opposed To Underwhelming, Hopefully)

If you have a suggestion for a piece you want me to do, feel free to leave a comment here. You're under no obligation to buy anything if it comes out not quite the way you envisioned it =)

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Anonymous said...

Hey, baby! I am so glad that you are starting your blogging again. I totally support you! I should be writing the letter, but I am just wandering around not doing what I am supposed to do.