Sunday, May 18, 2008

My First Spreadshirt Design

I'm just testing out Spreadshirt's Blog It functionality... and shamelessly peddling my first design! The design has a transparent background, it doesn't show up very well here. Sorry! I'm too lazy to do anything about it.

 Peace I Leave With You

Peace I Leave With You


Anonymous said...

Hey B, nice shirt!! I like it!! -k

The LawMan said...

Not enough contrast, I reckon. Words background and graphic tend to merge with one another; suggest a clearer differentiation for more visual impact... you may want to put the words on one side and the graphic on another instead of overlapping them... have you tried Amazon's shipping services? They're quite reliable. I've purchased books from them before and received them here in JB without hassles.

greyhoundbus said...

Actually, I designed it to go against a white background, which it looks fine against. You can see it when you click the link. I need to remix a white version to go against a dark background, so it would work on black on navy blue shirts as well.

Anonymous said...

This one looks so much better on your t-shirt store. Hmmm.... what's wrong with eblogger. K