Friday, June 04, 2004

Don't Worry, Be Bloggy

Blogging from the comfort of your own home is good. This is the first time I've ever had cable internet in a place of my own. I can start a blog entry, walk to my fridge, get a glass of milk, and finish my blog entry. What more can I ask for? Aside from medical insurance, a decent car, and a girlfriend, I mean.

Oh, great. Now I'm depressed. Aarg. Must... not... think!

Of My Efforts To Be As Much Like A Poof As Heterosexually Possible

Okay, I never had this problem before when I was an undergrad living in my own tiny little hole on White Avenue. Back then, my apartment was basically a place where I slept, stored my clothes, and ate from time to time. It never occured to me that the place should look nice. And so it looked, and smelled, like a pig sty. That pattern hadn't really changed when I started living with Brent and Donald, and pretty much persisted throughout grad school. But now that I'm on my own again, something wierd has happened. I've started shopping in the household section. For hours.

Take today for example. I spent half an hour at Wal-Mart looking at table clothes, trying to figure out which color matched the walls best, or would make a good contrast. Then I looked at table mats, and picked a really nice cotton-and-straw mat that matched the table cloth. Then I picked up a pot holder and an oven mitt on the way out. An oven mitt. What the hell. I don't even have any immediate plans to use it. Maybe I could box the wall with it from time to time, and pretend I still have some remnant of normal guy tendencies.

However, if you want to know where you can get a great deal on papasan chairs and cushions: Pier 1 Imports is having a sale on those until the fifth of June. You can get a chair AND cushion of your choice for only $99! EEEEE! I want!

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