Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Played some of my old stuff again today... this is from my old song bin, written in 2001 apparently. What was I smoking then?

Late In The Day

There is a voice from Minnesota
Made a name in the Greenwich Village coffeehouses
Sang a song to break hearts
When he wasn't certain what a broken heart is
We were walking up the hill
Late in the day the bells filled the air
You hear there's better music downtown
So you spend a couple of nights drinking coffee there

His song didn't have a chorus
Just lines needing to be said
Not unlike the words of the lord Jesus
In the bible bleeding red
It's not dark yet, he sang, but it's getting there
Getting where a man can barely see
Late in the day, beneath a lonesome tree

You learned to be in love
Might've been in Autumn though I can't be sure
Can't be certain now of many things
Can't be certain what I think of you so much for
It's been quiet here lately
So much so you hear the woodwork sigh
Oh why don't you call me baby
There's a performance in the park; let's go see it tonite

You know exactly what's right for us
It's not what I've been trying to pull
I know my feelings have their uses
But darlin', I feel for you still
We could take an evening walk, just us alone
I'd see the night town neon in your eyes
Late in the day, beneath the purple skies

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