Friday, July 16, 2004

Stretch Marks

So I have a rather annoying pop-up problem with my blog if someone decides to visit this page without a popup-blocking browser, and I thought I'd just go ahead and apologize to anyone who's had to deal with that here. I know I really need to do something about it, but at this point, I'm not sure what. There's three things I can think of to do:

a) Pay money for the Angelfire space that I place this blog on. Not a whole lot, and Angelfire promises no more ads for paying sucke... err customers.

b) Move this to another site, which I'd probably have to pay for anyway, at least for an ad-free site. Not too bad an idea, since I've stopped living on a grad student salary (now if only I can figure out why I'm so close to being broke right now).

c) Go back to Blogger hosting.

The reason I moved this blog to Angelfire was because I needed to have pictures on this site, and Angelfire stopped allowing remote viewing of images. The hacky solution I came up with was to have Blogger publish to Angelfire. But Angelfire decides to go popup-crazy on me. Now, though, I see this they've added an Upload Image File button to Blogger's create/edit posts page(along with a lot of other helpers for the HTML-impaired), which makes me go "hmmm".

Well, at the very least, I found the answers to the questions Erin threw at me today. At YAMs, she asked how to publish a link and how to show an image on her blog. Well now Blogger makes it easy, as the editor now comes with both functions, along with controls for messing with your fonts and layouts.

BTW, thanks for the duck, Erin!

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Cherie said...

FYI - you can get the remote image viewing for free through Brinkster. They used to be ad-free, but now they use banner ads if you decided to put up a real site. No popups, though.