Thursday, February 26, 2004

Dad's been complaining I don't email often enough about what I do here in Knoxville, and I guess he's right. It's hard to think of things to say, though, when all there is to talk about a bunch of little things, which, individually, don't look like they mean much. What I'm saying is, I need a job, and I need it soon, or I'll go crazy from boredom.

Anyway, to fight of the monotony of sending out resumes, I've been learning a few new tricks: server-side scripting (php, MySQL) and Flash MX to be specific. Thanks to CCL for hooking me up with Flash! Anyway I've already got some fun flash banners for my website in the photos section. Four banners... one for each of the pages in that section. They didn't take too long to do... 2 days maybe. Okay that's long, but hey, I'm bored remember?

I'm going to go see the Passion next Saturday.... got a five dollar ticket for the matinee show. I got it at church last Sunday, so I'm going with a group. So far I'm the only one I know who's going, but that just means I can slink away after the movie without anyone noticing. However, Rick Dunn, Fellowship's pastor, is gonna debrief us at church after the movie. That might be interesting to hear. I've read all sorts of reviews about this movie... I have no idea what to expect really. Except for blood. I know it's really bloody.

I can't say I appreciate all the controversy this movie is getting, but if it makes people go watch it out of curiosity, maybe that's a good thing. Then again, I just saw a segment about the 'The Mel' and his movie on the Daily Show on Comedy Central - you know it's made an impact if it shows up on Comedy Central- and I gotta admit, it's troubling how easy it was to make a joke out of the whole thing. I mean, *I* laughed. And Mel *has* been looking a little wild-eyed in his recent interviews... I don't blame him. When you're getting that much flak from the secular press, you'd be looking a little like a starving animal too whenever you got on tv to do an interview. I never thought I'd say this, but I'll be praying for Mel Gibson this week. I like the exerpts I've read of his Diane Sawyer interview, though. Whatever it is folks may think of that wild-eyed man on tv, I hope they take the message to heart.

While I'm on the subject of famous people with Catholic leanings, Sting has had a new CD out for while, now: "Sacred Love" (or "Send Your Love" in the UK). I just got a $6 scratched CD from McKays a couple of weeks ago, and I've been loving it. Yep, even more than McDees! Some of the songs are borderline CCM, but it's Sting, so you know doesn't all the way there. Not that CCM's bad. I just don't listen to it. Adrian keeps hooking me up with CCM music though, so I do have a couple of songs on my laptop for reference. Anyway, like I said, I love this CD. 'Dead Man's Rope' and 'Send Your Love' are probably my favorite tracks. I gotta figure out how to play 'Dead Man's Rope' on guitar.

Hmm... yep.

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