Sunday, February 29, 2004

Well I'm sitting here in the UT library waiting for the Vietcong demo to finishing downloading to my laptop. I'm gonna run it through my poor pc's wimpy little processor and see if I've got the RAM it takes to play this game.... If it works out, I think I'll run out and buy this game, because I feel like a little reality based FPS action. I think it has something to do with the fact that my small group has been watching Band of Brothers on DVD for the past three weeks... I can only sit there and watch this stuff for so long before I start craving some more interactive action, y'know? My first choice for a demo to play would've been Call of Duty, which is actually set in WW2, and has been recieving rave reviews, but I went with the Vietcong demo because, well, it's smaller. And I hear Vietcong's not to shabby either, if somewhat buggy. It's also cheaper... I'm trying to game on a budget, since, well, I haven't got a job yet. There's stuff on the horizon that looks promising, but until someone is actually telling me to come in from 9 to 5 and promising me a paycheck at the end of the month, I'll play it safe.

Adrian got me into a free MMORPG called Mu Online. No, I don't know how to pronounce that name, and either of the more obvious options sound stupid. Why can't Korean developers pick good names for their games? But Mu's been a pleasant, if brainless distraction. It's basically a dumb-down version of Diablo. Those of you who actually game may be saying to yourselves, "GASP! Is it possible for an RPG to be dumber than Diablo???". Yes, it is, and consequently I bet this game isn't as fun either. But hey, it's free, so who cares. It's been a while since I ran around in the woods killing monsters for no reason other than to watch a digit representing my adventuring prowess go up by 1 point every two hours. The last time I got to do that was when I played Ultima Online. And in that game, mostly the monsters killed *me*.

Oh, on the home front, I should mention my brother Andrew just got married last week! And I missed it... I missed my cousins' weddings too. I missed Paul's wedding, John's wedding, and Jenny's wedding. My mother posits that I might as well go ahead and miss my own wedding. I told her ok, if you find me a bride, just go ahead with the ceremony without me. Send me pictures! My sister left the day after Andrew's wedding for Australia, where she'll be finishing her degree in, er, biotech or something like that. So now my parents are home alone. I hope they don't get too bored! Maybe planning my wedding will keep them busy ;p.

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