Thursday, February 12, 2004

I'm starting to use Mozilla's Firefox as my primary browser. Two reasons: the tab feature and the block-popups feature. I don't like the way xp handles excessive windows in the taskbar by default, and I couldn't be bothered to figure out how to change the default, so I'm going with Firefox for my multiple-window surfing needs. The popup-blocking is self-explanatory, I think. Unfortunately, Firefox has strange ways of displaying some webpages, and the reality is that for most webmasters, IE-compliance takes precedence when they build their sites... so I'll still have to resort to opening a page in IE at times. Oh well.

Brent and Marci's wedding page is ready! Aside from any future content updates, it looks (and sounds) the way it should: An Appalachian Wedding
Note that it doesn't display correctly in Mozilla Firefox, unfortunately. And I'm not fixing it because I'm one of those ambivalent webmasters I mentioned earlier.

My personal website has gotten a CSS facelift and an address change. Geocities wouldn't let me FTP stuff to my site anymore. Wankers!!! So here is my new tripod site: Opposable Thoughts

There's a couple of stupid tricks I did with the division properties of CSS... have fun looking at them :p.

Dayton Pt 3:

The house! Of! The! Forsythes!

This, I'm told, is the first Wendy's ever, and it's in Columbus, OH.

This is the museum we went to... I forget what it was called. They had a special exhibit of glass art.

... and that's one example.