Monday, November 03, 2003

Admission Standards At Harvard Must Be Dropping

My friend Amy has had quite a few run-ins with the interesting and highly-educated folk of Franklin, TN, since she started her stint as a cop. Her favorite story (I think): One night she hauls in an obviously smashed 20-something fellow to court for public intoxication. The dude, still thoroughly wasted, claims, among other things, to be a student at Harvard (apparently all drunks claim to be attending some prestigious law school when facing the magistrate).

When the magistrate tells him he needs to pay the bond agency 10% of $500 so he won't have to sit in a cell until his court date, he replies something along the lines of "Whuzzat?".

Just about any high-school dropout should be able to tell you what 10% of $500 is, so the magistrate says "I thought you went to Harvard."

"Yeah... but not for *math*."

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