Monday, November 24, 2003

Sometimes, there are things that just make sense, though you don't expect them to. Right after people get prodded, they start saying "MOO".

Michaël Roy, who has been a visiting scholar at our lab for the past year and a half or so, is finally going home to France this Sunday. He had a farewell party at his apartment this past Saturday. I left somewhat early (around 11pm... French parties, I'm told, really start at midnight), but I still caught a bit of the action.

Michaël's Farewell Party

T'was the week before leaving, and all through his house
Michaël Roy partied, you should have seen him carouse
"Come everyone! There is sangria, there is wine!"
"Let us all party like it's one-nine-nine-nine!"

"Well," declared Brad "That's a stupendous idea!"
"But I can't act like a jackass with Sabrina right here."
"Oh don't worry," his wife said, "The party must thrive"
"And I'm getting sloshed anyway since you promised to drive."

"Okay then!" said Michaël, "Brad, here's your chance!"
"When you party with French of course you must dance!"
And as he did his French jig, Yohan looked on and thunk
"Yes he act stupid whenever he is drunk"

Meanwhile within their own little clique
Kevin, Lydia and Laura were discussing some serious topic
Which was apparently not a correct thing to do
Because Michaël swooped in to talk to this crew

"Hey vat is zis? You three on ze bench!"
"How dare you be boring in front of ze French?!"
"Three Americans, no-no, I know ze trick!"
"I'm replacing Laura here with Pierrick!"

And so it went on and on until late
There was laughing and drinking which was generally great
And eating and talking with friends old and new
And stuff that at parties you generally would do

The food deserves mention, there was a nice farewell cake
You could tell it took quite some loving to make
And I really need to take French lessons someday
I know "Bon voyage"... what does the rest of it say?

"Where's Brent?" Michaël asked me, "He said he would come?"
I thought so too, but later, I found him at home.
All snuggled up cozily for the rest of the night...
It's good, I guess; someone got his priorities right.


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