Monday, November 10, 2003

Brent's birthday continued well after he'd expected it to end, because his office co-workers threw a party for him right after he got back. When he finally got home, he found Rachel watching The Simpsons with me because she was waiting to give him the present she'd bought. Aaaw. But poor Brent looked like he'd had enough birthday for one day. Maybe next time we should stretch it out over a week.

I met with the thesis consultant today, and now I'm swamped with thesis formatting corrections... these are becoming harder to do than the actual content. The margins needed adjusting, which threw all the figures out of alignment, and so I'm having to fit them in properly again. On top of that are a million other things she pointed out that needed fixing... All that adds up to a very blah day, so I'll just type out the recipe for the salmon pasta I made last night.

Apathetic Salmon Pasta


Salmon (duh)
Spaghetti pasta (enough for whoever)
Garlic (sliced or chopped, probably doesn't matter)
Olive Oil (whatever you have left in the bottle should work)
Salt (as you like)
Lime Juice (like, from a lime)

Olive Oil (like before)
Oregano (why not)
Dill Weed (how ever much looks right)
Lime juice (from about half a lime, or something)
Salt (if you want)
Lentils (anything from 10 to 500 of em... i don't care)
Garlic (chopped or smashed, you know)

In a baking pan, put a little piece of foil paper, enough to put the fish on and then some, and fold up the sides. Pour in enough olive oil to just cover the base of the foil. Rub some lime juice and salt onto the salmon's skin side and then place it in the pan, skin down. Rub some olive oil and salt onto the flesh side of the fish and place the garlic evenly on the flesh. Heat up the oven to 350 and put the pan in. Take it out after twenty minutes.

Boil the lentils in shallow water for about 10-15 minutes. Brown the garlic in olive oil. Throw all the sauce ingrdients in after that, including lentils, and wait for it to thicken on a medium heat. Boil the pasta til its ready. Throw the sauce on, toss, and voila. Your apathetic salmon pasta is ready.


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