Friday, November 07, 2003

Well, it's official: 10-1 is Amy's weblog. Today, she tells us about how not to get busted and the incorrect way to respond to getting busted. Cops telling potheads how to behave... what will they think of next?

LCK's Grand Purpose In Life, Part II
This is what LCK is building:

"Gerbang Perdana" means Prime Gateway. In LCK's own words: "this is what we are trying to construct. the 1st 2 pictures u put up on your blog page is the leaf truss which will be supporting the roof structures. on the scale model, the leaf trusses are the ones on both sides (left & right) of the main building."

From what I can tell from the article, this thing is intended to be the new customs, immigration and quarantine (CIQ) complex for the Integrated Southern Gateway project in Johor Bahru, which will be the new entry point that stands between Singapore and Malaysia. However, immigration business is not all that this is being built for, not with all the recent disputes with Singapore over water prices and ownership of small rocks with lighthouses on them. In addition to all the usual office space and high-security strip-search areas, the Gerbang Perdana will also house and be capable of firing ground-to-ground missiles at our neighbour's most vital strategic targets (Orchard Road and every major DKNY outlet) should they attempt any acts of hostility. In the event of a full-scale invasion from our presumptuous Singlish-spouting friends, the Gerbang Perdana will transform into a 1500-foot robot, dubbed Immigration Prime, that will fight in the defense of our great nation. The Singaporeans will most likely just laugh at our thousand-ton monstrosity and put an end to its cumbersomely impractical existence by blowing it's legs apart, or - God forbid - running around it. But we're building this thing anyway... because Malaysia Boleh.

Artist's conception of the Gerbang Perdana in robot form towering thriumphantly over the Singapore skyline.

This is Your Brain Under An American-Led Occupation
My earliest big exposure to the world of blogging was probably Salam Pax's blog. Also known as the Baghdad Blogger, Salam Pax gained a small measure of fame for his first-hand, candid observations before, during, and after the American invasion of Iraq. Lately, his blogging has been somewhat sporadic. But his latest blog entry got me wondering... "what's he smoking?"

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