Tuesday, November 11, 2003

I Want To Be More Like Jesus

For real. Dee's putting another play together for YAMs, and this time it's looking like I'm playing Jesus. The scenes will be the last supper and Saul's conversion. What's funny is just about everyone else on the cast is more capable of growing a beard than me. I'll be the clean-shaven Gillette Jesus! Aside from that, there's always the nagging voice at the back of my head going "You have *no* idea how to say these lines"... sigh. I wish mom was here to cook for me.

Tonite's rehearsal was fun, though. Robert as usual had a lot of input (desired or otherwise), and thanks to him we played around with the idea of Funky Jesus and His Groovy Disciples. I couldn't pull it off, though, being as unfunky as I am. Tyler did a great job with the funky accent, as did Robert. I think those two should start a comedy troupe. After the shenanigans, we did manage to get a mostly serious run through the whole script (a fine effort by Dee btw).

For once, we have more than two weeks to prep for a YAMs play, which is good, since I get to memorize all the lines that Dee is throwing at me. Once I'm done in Knoxville, I would have mastered the painful art of scene-chewing, I'm sure =p. I'm tempted to go see The Gospel Of John first (I think it just came out in theaters), just to see a more experienced thespian handle the role. In any case, if all else fails, I could always slip in lines like "Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me? Yo, dawg, that ain't cool."

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