Thursday, November 06, 2003

'A' has started a weblog! Who is 'A'? Well, it's either Amy the Cop, Adrian the Palm Tree, or some random person I've never met, though that's unlikely, as far as I can tell. If it's Amy (more likely, since the weblog doesn't attribute blame to ber*nerd*), then we can expect to hear stories of Franklin's granny-shoving deviants straight from the horse's mouth. If it's Adrian (he learned to spell my name... yay), then we'll hear stories of minimum-wage life in Malaysia and all the fun travesties of existence that come herewith. If it's some random person... errr more power to you?

LCK's Grand Purpose In Life

My friend Low Chun Kiat, who's a civil engineer in Johor Bahru (I think) sent me these two pics of what I assume is a project he's working on. OK LCK, but do tell us what this... thing... is.

Pak Lah Gives His First Press Conference As PM.

"DUDE... GET A BREATHMINT": Pak Lah chastices reporters for their lack of oral hygiene during his first press conference as Prime Minister.

From The Star: "Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has directed government departments to cut red tape and strengthen the civil service to fight corruption and deliver quality service to the rakyat.
The Prime Minister proposed that each ministry set up a task force to look at ways to reduce bureaucracy in all departments under them because inefficiency could breed corruption.
He also directed the re-engineering of all district offices and local councils to rid them of “unwieldy bureaucratic procedures” that could tempt people to commit bribery."

I'm glad to hear that. Hope something comes of it!

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