Sunday, November 09, 2003

I just got back from Brent's weekend birthday bash. He turned 30 today, which made it a very special occasion! We had dinner at The Boathouse in Asheville, and the food was excellent. Brent's steak, which he let me sample, was fantastic. My atlantic salmon with basil pesto wasn't bad either. After that, I joined Brent, Marci, Kevin, Lydia, Doug, Mary, Matt, Gretchen, David Kendall, and Andrius for a campfire. The Terrys and Forsythes went home that night, but the rest of us stayed to camp. I only just got back from camping, so I'm a little tired. But it was a very very good time. Hopefully, Kevin Zinn puts up pictures soon...

Bernard Is Too Sleepy And Hungry To Make Fun Of Anything

Sunday, Nov 9, 2003, KNOXVILLE: After a weekend of celebration and outdoor fun, Bernard Ng came home and sat in front of his computer with the intent of updating his weblog, only to realize that he was too tired to write anything even remotely amusing.

"It was a sham", Mr Ng said, "I sat there for a good half hour, checking my email, surfing the web, and waiting for Adrian to log onto MSN messenger to say something that looks funny out of context, like he usually does.... nothing. Nothing at all. Nothing inspired me or looked funny. I blamed it on sleepiness at first. Then I saw Amy's post where she says "Today's story is brought to you by hunger...", and then I figured it might be that too. I've had four bananas, three whole wheat pancakes for breakfast, and then ramen and steamed vegetables for lunch, and now it's 5 o'clock and I'm hungry again. I wish mom was here to cook for me."

Witnesses at Mr Ng's Lab claim that during the time he spent there, from approximately 4:00pm to 5:30pm in the afternoon, he reacted grumpily to inquiries and was skimming through what were apparently scans, in jpg format, of Hong Kong-produced comicbooks. Occasionally he would mumble audibly to himself and make sudden, violent gestures to no one in particular. After 5:30pm, he went home.

Labmate Michaël Roy was noticeably agitated. "Ce gars est effrayant…", he said, "Il doit avoir son café du matin, sinon ça va pas le faire !".

None of the lab's faculty members could be reached for comment.

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